Sitemap - 2022 - Always Peachy Devotionals

Restoring the joy you lost

There's only one Way to joy

Jesus has some words for you

Find your happy place

A useful tool for getting out of a funk

Joy comes with an instruction manual

A Christmas to look forward to

Authentic joy doesn't invalidate grief

Stress is my comfort zone

Don't only believe what's possible

Maybe we don't have to be so strong

How do we live joyfully when life hurts?

Joy makes us generous

Joy gets us back on track

Joy shares our faith for us

Joy is better than wealth

Joy is a powerful weapon

Joy is a superpower!

Joy comes from courage

Joy isn't living in denial

Joy isn't just for heaven

Joy begins with faith

Joy doesn't come from laughter

Where do we find joy?

Make the most of your opportunities

Nobody cares how much you know

Use your words wisely

Be careful where you aim your anger

Friends can (and should) disagree

How do you love someone you don't like?

Thank Him for tomorrow while it's still today

Choose gratitude for empty hands

Victory may be invisible ... for now

Should you thank God for your bad things?

Do you thank God for your good things?

What are you grateful for?

Just say thank you

Jesus made you worthy of love

Stop trying to pay for what you can't afford

You don't have to accept a gift

Count the cost of love

How do you receive love?

Don't be afraid to share hope with others

Look for opportunities to bless others

Adopt a Pray-First Attitude in Your Life

Kindness is more than a choice

Lay down your life (while you're still living)

How do you show love?

You endure even when it hurts

You find joy in the truth

You don't have to keep track

You won't always feel better

You can choose to be patient

How do you define Love?

You get a new name

"Life Stinks": A New Perspective

Whose instructions are you using?

What you know for sure

God's Epic To-Do List

How does faith change you?

Check your focus

Examine your options

Don't expect instant gratification

Do what Jesus says

Be confident in where you're standing

How do you use faith in everyday life?

Stop making excuses, go to church

Invest in your friendship with others

Invest in your friendship with God

Understand the instructions

Read the instructions

What does everyday faith look like?

Trust your family to someone else

Friends don't let friends be dumb

Choose consistency over convenience

Invite God into your home

You don't work for your boss

Where can you walk with faith?

Let God do the rest

Ask God for help

Put on your armor

Turn off your cruise control

It's okay to be afraid

How can we defeat fear in our lives?

Pretending to be at peace

Missing out on God's best

Jumping to conclusions

Running away from trouble

Making fear-based choices

How do we identify fear in our lives?

God's peace gives you answers

Don't let your fear decide for you

Does God even care that I'm hurting?

When our grief meets our fear

The courage to be silent

What does fear make us do?

Be afraid of what fear makes you do

Does God want me to be miserable?

Is it truly easier to walk on eggshells?

Can we ever truly understand God?

Are you choosing to act in fear?

Why do we let fear control us?

God will return soon

God will give you everything you need

God will direct your steps

God will keep you on track

God will be your satisfaction

What can we expect from God?

Live one day at a time

Love when you don't feel it

Trust God for justice

Give when you feel poor

Move forward when you can't see

How do we live expectantly?

When God says Buckle Up!

When we expect what God didn't promise

When God says No

When God says Wait

When God says Yes

When God answers us

You can expect God's faithfulness

Expect that your instincts aren't enough

Expect that people will fail

Who shouldn't expect things from God?

Who can expect things from God?

What should we expect?

Keep on expecting

Expectations need confidence

God invites our expectations

Expectations are part of following Jesus

Special Announcement!

We are born with expectations

Why do expectations matter

You live in peace with God

You get Jesus as your mentor

You can say no

You don't have to be afraid

You get to do life with Jesus

What does it look like to live valued?

God helps us make a difference

God wants us to take care of ourselves

God provides the resources to be generous

God gives us the power to live

God doesn't make junk

Why does God's value matter?

Jesus takes delight in you

Jesus hurts when we hurt

Jesus gives us a choice

Jesus told us what matters to God

Jesus has perfect aim

How can we know God values us?

The value of obedience

Everyone is valuable

The value of being undeserving

Makers value what they make

What God values isn't a secret

What does God value?

Let someone help you

Listen to your alarms

Exchange the substitute for the source

Build healthy spiritual habits

Your spiritual immune system

Strategies to guard against idolatry

God wants to be in your life

God has a track record

God is all good

God gives you peace

God chooses to love you

Why God is better than an idol

Idols make me into what they are

Idols don't provide for you

Idols need your help

Idols make you selfish

Idols can't help you

Why idols don't improve your life

The Idol of Popular Opinion

The Idol of Possessions

The Idol of Success

The Idol of Appearance

The Idol of Personal Experience

How can you identify your idols?

Worship is a choice

Worship reminds us what God has done

Worship reminds us who we are

Worship has a scent

Worship makes us different

Why does worship matter to God?

Creation's Witness

The Widow's Bread

The Good Samaritan's Service

The Tabernacle Builders' Gifts

David's Songs

Examples of Worship from the Bible

Perspective: On Eternity

Perspective: On Life

Perspective: On Others

Perspective: On Ourselves

Perspective: On God

Worship changes our perspective

Bring simple faith

Bring an honest perspective

Bring Godly wisdom

Bring a humble spirit

Bring a grateful heart

What should we bring to worship?

Ask the expert for help

It's not where you are

It's not what you do

It's not about me (or you)

Who are you singing for?

What is worship?

One thing is certain

Faith makes God happy

We're supposed to stand out

People need leaders

Courage is a command

Why does courage matter?

You go alone (but not)

You won't always win

Make yourself a target

Courage is better, not easier

Don't expect warm fuzzies

Living a courageous life

Courage is a way of life

Courage is a gift you can give

Courage comes from other people

God will give you courage

Don't let fear choose your path

Where does courage come from?

Courage is self-control

Courage is immediate action

Courage is waiting on God

Courage is doing the work

Courage isn't always flashy

The paradox of Courage

How will you use your freedom?

The forest, the trees, and your eyeball

What happens if the bull doesn't charge?

Your side of guacamole isn't worth it

Start with the Golden Rule

Respecting the boundaries of others

Separation: The Worst Case Scenario

Restoration: The Best Case Scenario

Bring backup when you need it

Don't fear conflict

Be kind, from a distance

Enforcing your boundaries

Chaos is contagious

Tell the squirrels to chill

No unpardonable guilt

God doesn't motivate through fear

God doesn't motivate through guilt

Boundaries aren't selfish

Be honest about your weakness

You are more than your career

You are more than what you own

Live by God's love

Protect your time with God

What boundaries should you set?

Even God rested when He wasn't tired

Spontaneity isn’t the same as chaos

Your weakness is an opportunity

Do what you can with what you can do

Skip the fish

Disobedience and biblical boundaries

A poor substitute for truth

Be sure it's God you're following

Growing good fruit from a bad tree

You don't live in a vacuum

A life-and-death choice

Obeying God when we don't agree with Him

Stop asking for what God already gave you

Is God happy about what you just said?

Your portable Life Coach

Are you locked on target?

Why does your heart matter?

Obedience in our thoughts

When obeying God means living with a tough situation

When obeying God means breaking the law

When obeying God makes you look nuts

When obeying God sends you into the unknown

When obeying God hurts your reputation

What does obedience look like?

Game over, man

Let me sum up

One More Thing

The One Thing

Do the unexpected

How do we know what to obey?

Invite God into your everyday

Follow the right recipe

Prioritize what really matters

Don't chase distractions

Use the right pattern

How do I choose a godly attitude?

Esther: Your life has value

Daniel: A guide to humble disobedience

What do you want to study?

Abigail: Peace is worth personal risk

Joseph: God's plans are bigger than your pain

Jesus: Acknowledge pain without resenting it

Are there examples of a godly attitudes?

I don't represent myself

Your life is louder than gossip

Ego lets the enemy in

Joy keeps you healthy

Your attitude is a tool

Why does our attitude matter?

Celebrate the obstacles

More than a song

Who's your boss?

Is the solo yours to sing?

What are you holding on to?

What is a godly attitude?