Hope for the Christmas season

not everyone feels jolly and bright

Anybody tired of holiday cheer before Thanksgiving has even arrived? I don’t think you’re alone.

After the last two years of COVID panic, vaccine conflicts, stunning inflation, and sheer apocalyptic terror, I think the world may be fresh out of the Christmas spirit. And you know what? That’s okay.

Believe it or not, I don’t think Jesus wants you to put on a happy face if that’s not what’s in your heart. If you’re struggling, He wants to know. Maybe traditional religious expectations have taught us to have a stuff upper lip and wear a mask and pretend like everything is okay, but that’s not what Jesus expects from me. Jesus wants me to be real with Him, to be honest when I feel sad even if it’s for a silly reason.

So for the month of December, we’re going to be talking about Hope. And not the mushy-gushy, flimsy type of Hope. We’re going to look at what Hope really is and where it comes from. True hope is rock solid. It’s not a fluffy feeling. And if we can learn to embrace real hope, we’ll be unstoppable.

And that’s what Christmas is about, y’all. Sure, presents are nice. The lights are fun. The songs are great. The candy is better. But Christmas is REAL hope in the form of Jesus—God Himself who put on skin and came to walk among us. Christmas is God keeping His promise and confirming that He’s only getting started.

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