If you keep telling yourself that you don’t need a day off, you’re listening to your pride and not the Holy Spirit.
Your value to God is essential to understanding why rest is so important to Him.
Have you noticed that we like to help people the way we want to help them? It’s much harder to help someone the way they ask to be helped.
Even if the things you’re busy doing are for God, is that enough reason to disobey Him?
March 27 - March 31, 2023 | Always Peachy Devotionals | Rest Week 1
If we aren’t intentional in what we choose to remember, the most important moments will be left behind.
It’s a challenge to set your sights on a moving target in the middle of chaos. But if you don’t have something to focus on, you’re going to get lost.
I love the Bible so much, but often times I really wish it would be a little plainer about HOW to do this Christianity thing.
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